Essentials:  Body Moisture Serum (200ml)

Essentials: Body Moisture Serum (200ml)

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Improve your skin’s elasticity and resilience with this fast-absorbing, nourishing serum. Nutrient-rich microalgae delivers an instant tightening effect, boosts firmness and supports the formation of collagen, while Hawaiian sea plant enhances smoothness and suppleness. Tripeptide-1 assists in repairing the skin and fortifying the skin barrier, as it further encourages collagen production. Plant collagen confers excellent moisture-binding properties, while powerhouse hyaluronic acid infuses long-lasting hydration, increases cell volume and plumps the skin. Ginseng helps to diminish rough skin texture and fade uneven skin tone, as orange flower promotes clarity and radiance. The skin is left replenished and renewed, looks more youthful and feels soft to the touch.